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Best Bike Accessories: Advanced Bluetooth LED Bicycle Headlight

by Poweradd Official Aug 20 , 2018

The most impressive bikes light for cyclists. 

Before rounding up this list, we had seriously tried to figure out what features of bike accessories cyclists would prefer. Most answers would be like: they like them to last long. Even the most impressive new bike accessories still struggle to last more than several months if they are not robustly built. These items have high technologies but comparatively unreliable quality. They would crack soon under immoderate and improper use. On the other hand, cyclists have a preference for easy installation. Especially for mountain bikes, cyclists would like to have the extra bike accessories on and off their bike effortlessly. 
Best Bike Accessories: Advanced Bluetooth LED Bicycle Headlight 
We've compiled a myriad of bike accessories on the market to find the best ones that might fit your bike. 

1. Bike Light, Poweradd Bluetooth Bike Headlight 
Best Bike Accessories: Advanced Bluetooth LED Bicycle Headlight 
This Poweradd LED Bicycle Headlight has a brand-new design of two big and round bright LED lights that will do you favors in the dark. It uses advanced Bluetooth technology which allows you control the bike headlight with your smartphone. The bike head light is one of the coolest bike accessories on the market. Thanks to 1200 Lumen CREE XM-L2 LED technology, the light has great brightness to offer. It has 3 modes: full brightness, medium brightness and flashing. It's IPX-5 water resistant bike light, which means it can function greatly in rainy weather as well. In lieu of a replacement battery, it's built with a 12000mAh battery pack which also works as a bike power bank for you to charge your smartphone, tablet and other USB devices. This multi-purpose bike light requires simple steps to install and remove. And you can enjoy easy Bluetooth pairing. 

2. Water Bottle Cages, UShake Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight Water Bottle Holder Cages 
Best Bike Accessories: Advanced Bluetooth LED Bicycle Headlight 
This is a typically quick-release bike accessory for cyclists. The included 4mm hex key helps you fasten the bottle cages in screw holes on bike frame easily. They will be very easy to mount on the bike. The bicycle bottle holders offer you a snug fit. The material is 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminium alloy which gives you awesome strength and durability, meanwhile, such material is super light, a bottle holder weighs in at only 2.1 ounces. 

3. TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Cradle Clamp 
Best Bike Accessories: Advanced Bluetooth LED Bicycle Headlight 
The bike phone mount keeps your smartphone safe and sound while you are riding your bike. The non-slip rubber grip helps keep your phone securely right in place, wihout any accidental fall. The mount couldn't be simpler to install. You just need to screw the flipper to hold firmly.This mount fits most smartphones, in a wide range between 1.97 to 3.94 inches' width. Plus, it has a 360 degrees rotatable design for best viewing angles on bike. 

4. 4ucycling 3D Padded Bike Underwear Shorts - Breathable, Lightweight, Men & Women 
Best Bike Accessories: Advanced Bluetooth LED Bicycle Headlight 
These 3D padded bike underwear shorts are a best companion for cyclists on the go. Especially mountain bike cyclists would spend long hours on the bike saddle. These breathable and lightweight 3D padded bike shorts are made of high-class polyester material. This material does a good job managing your swear and minimizing the wind resistance towards you. 

5. GEARONIC TM New Fashion Cycling Bike Bicycle Motorcycle Shockproof Foam Padded Outdoor Sports Half Finger Short Gloves 
Best Bike Accessories: Advanced Bluetooth LED Bicycle Headlight 
The best feature of the bike gloves is that they do exactly what you need, protecting your hands in an all-round way with your fingers out for better control of the bike. The gloves effectively decrease the risk of cycling wrist injury, and reduce pain from your long cycling journey. The gloves are nicely made with breatheable mesh on the side, keeping your sweat away while you are riding your bike.

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