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Review: The 6 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks

by Poweradd Official Aug 20 , 2018

Apple has several Apple Watch models that are sold well around the world. You can enjoy the amazing features and see the improvement from Apple Watch series 1 to Apple Watch series 2, Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch charging docks don't seem to be some must-have items but they are actually very useful accessories for your Apple Watch as a charger and a charging stand. 

We've ranked the 6 best Apple Watch charging docks with features and prices. Of the list we’ve rounded up, the beautiful Apple Watch magnetic charging docks are more popular on the market. Let’s get started. 

1. Archeer 2 in 1 Apple Watch Stand and iPhone Charging Dock Station iWatch Charging Stand 
Review: The 6 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks 
Sale:     $34.99 

This Archer charging dock is specially designed to work for Apple Watch Series 2/Sport/Edition 38mm/42mm. Whereas, it's also compatible with iPhone 7, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. Archeer believes this is one of the best designs as an Apple Watch magnetic charging dock that is able to hold the watch securely right in place. With that being said, it has a little con, you need to buy an Apple watch charging cable and install it all by yourself. 

2. UMTELE 3 in 1 Charge Stand, Aluminum Charging Dock for Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2, iPhone 7/7 Plus, Airpods - Space Grey 
Review: The 6 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks 
Price:     $35.90 

This UMTELE charging dock for Apple Watch is built quite sturdily. The finely finished metal looks very beautiful and smooth with silver accents aroumd the edges. The dock is easily adjustable to fit almost all iPhones. You will say wow about the iPhone cables it comes with. That's pretty helpful and thoughtful. But the cables really seem so ordinary in quality. 

3. Apple MFi Certified Apple Watch Charger, Poweradd Magnetic Charging Dock and Stand 
Review: The 6 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks 
Sale:     $33.99 

This Poweradd Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch is a geninue charging holder that's specially built with a detachable magnetic charging cbale. It works brilliantly for Apple Watch, iWatch 38mm & 42mm. This is an Apple MFI Certified Product that is able to hold Apple watch securely and steadily. The apple watch charging cord is designed to be highly magnetic. It allows convenient automatical connection and charge. The apple watch charging holder allows 90°and 37°adjustable view angles. 

4. Orzly Compact Stand for Apple Watch 
Review: The 6 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks 
Sale:     $6.99 

It's comparably much cheaper than most similar iWatch stands' prices. But it is not a knockoff. The overall design is simple, neat and natural, very impressive. The stand is sturdy enough to cradle the watch well and comfortable for cables to tuck in easily. Something different from others is a sticky part at the bottom for you to stick it to your night stand to make it stabler. 

5. Apple Watch Stand, Renoj Apple iWatch Stand Sturdy Aluminum Platform Holder 
Review: The 6 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks 
Sale:     $10.29 

This stand looks very well built, solid, comfortable and durable. It has strong magnet to keep your Apple Watch securely for charging. It has an anti slip pad on the base to avoid sliding around on the table. 

6. Apple Watch Stand, Oittm [5 in 1 New Version] 5-port USB Rechargeable Stand 
Review: The 6 Best Apple Watch Charging Docks 
Sale:     $37.99 

Of the six stands we recommend today, this one is the most expensive, and sadly it doesn't come with an iPhone charging cable or an Apple Watch magnetic cable. But it's still a great item to recommend. The well organized layout for cable management makes your desk neat and less clutter. And most obviously this charging stand is very solid. It's made of refined crafted aluminum, silicone and ABS plastic combined. Besides, it has a non-skid base at the bottom. 

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