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10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

by Poweradd Official Aug 20 , 2018

Santa Claus is coming to town, be good for goodness sake! It's over 2 months ahead since we start to expect Christmas. However, we can start coming up with some brilliant ideas for high-tech gifts, which we plan to give to our friends or little kiddos.

1. Beats SOLO3 wireless headphones

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
This pair of wireless headphones are pretty awesome despite the high price. The beautiful lines, simple design, neat materials, altogether make this on-ear headphones extremely comfortable to wear. With this thing that gives you loud and clear, rich and vivid sound, you are sure going to enjoy your sweet Christmas music.

2. iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
Having a latest Apple phone as a high tech gift for Christmas is no doubt a fabulous idea. An iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with you will impress the crowd overwhelmingly. It's always worth doing something that's leading the trend. If you are too crazy about this new phone and become worried about the power consumption, you'd better prepare an iPhone 7 power bank to keep it going. Alternatively, you may try Galaxy Note 7, Google Pixel or XL Phone as a Christmas gift.

3. Apple Watch Series 2

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
Speaking of tech gift, we mean tech and gift, Apple watch series 2 is perfect option. The design is stylish and purposes and performances are remarkable. It's absolutely one of the most up-to-date devices as a gift. If you are planning an Apple watch as gift, it's very thoughtful of you to give an Apple watch charging holder as well.

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4. DJI phantom-4

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
This advice might charge you a little more but it's still worth your consideration. DJI Phantom 4 is a fresh model of drone with high performances. It gives you sensational visual experience with the drone camera. Just imagine that someone would get immensely thrilled to receive such a terrific gift for Christmas.

5. Amazon Echo

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
Echo is a high-end speaker that allows hands-free convenience with voice-control. It has seven microphones and beam forming technology making it able to fill a room with 360°immersive sound. People will be delighted to receive this expertly tuned speaker as a Christmas gift.

6. HP Sprocket Photo Printer

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
Getting a printer as a gift may sound somewhat weird. But as you have a rough understanding of this photo printer, you'd think it actually a perfect choice. The HP Sprocket Photo Printer can print photos from your smartphone or tablet as easily as you post them. And it's as portable as about the size of a cell phone. So, instead of a bizarre item, it's a sweet and creative gift for your friends who might need one.

7. Google Daydream Virtual Reality Glasses

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
These glasses are something that you would like to share with friends for their unprecedentedly impressive 3D visual effect. To look at the things in life from a unique view angle, you'd love these Google Daydream Virtual Reality Glasses. They'll be available in November at $79, store.google.com.

8. GoPro Hero 5

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
GoPro Hero 5 is well made to be smaller in size with compact mounting. You can enjoy hands-free control by voice commands. You'll be astonished at its 4K video and 10MP photos, and its unbelievable one-button control of the shutter. This is certainly a great gift for people to enjoy life.

9. iPad Pro

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
When people are expecting electronic stuff as Christmas gift, they also impatiently anticipate something with bigger screen to freely enjoy every function that entertains them, the iPad Pro. This gift as a new generation of portable Apple tablet is always welcomed.

10. The Safety Net:  Nest Cam Security Camera for 24/7 Home Monitoring

10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016 
Nest Cam security camera, last but not least for what we're recommending. It has high-level security for 24/7 home monitoring and 130°wide-angle view and all-glass lens in 1080p HD. These features keep you informed of what's going on at home live. Such a Christmas gift helps a lot and no home will refuse safety.

Seeing that there's still 2 months to go till Christmas, the 10 Best Tech Gift Ideas above would be constructive to you if you are planning or picturing a splendid Christmas with huge surprises for you and for your loved ones.

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