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Pilot Pro 4 Large Capacity 26800mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power Bank with 3 USB Outputs

Multi-USB Outputs

3 USB ports allows for charging your iPhone, Samsung phone, iPad or other 5V USB-enabled devices for simultaneous charging.


Dual inputs

Dual USB ports(5V/2.0A, 5V/2.0A) with total 4.0A quick input will greatly save your time to fully charge it. Two input ports can work together which would spare your time enormously.


High capacity

It has a large capacity rated at 26800mAh, tested and guaranteed to charge an iPhone 7 ten times, Samsung Galaxy S6 more than eight times, and iPad Air 2 about three times, ideal for business journey, camping, and other outdoor activities. A good companion to keep your devices charged on the way.


Multi-Protection System

Adopting high-grade flame-retardant plastic shell, it is capable of protecting this gadget from damage, equipped with over-current and short-circuit protection inside, it automatically shuts down during charging when short circuit or overload output occurred.


1x Poweradd Pilot Pro 4 portable charger

2x Micro USB Cables

1x User Manual

1x Feedback Card

  • This thing is a beast
    R & M
    2020 - 05 - 06
    I purchased this because I had kind of a collection going of smaller battery packs, and wanted something I could use to charge my phone and other devices on weekend camping trips and such. It is definitely big and heavy, so not something to throw in your purse or pocket, but it holds enough juice to charge my Galaxy s9 phone every night for a 5 day weekend and then some. This is probably more suited for people who need to charge more power hungry devices like tablets and GoPros and such, but I really can't last 5 minutes with a dead phone battery.The plastic quality as well as the ports seem very durable, so I don't expect the materials to be a point of failure. I've cycled it from empty to full about 6 times and haven't noticed any degradation in quality. I always make sure to use quality cables, and speed of charging my phone seems at least a quick as my fast OEM chargers. If you are looking for a ton of juice in 1 package, then this might be what you are looking for.It has 3 USB charging ports, and 2 micro usb inputs which supposedly increases the recharging speed. There is a small button you press and 4 blue lights that indicate how much juice is left. It takes a good while to recharge, but if I start it in the evening, it is charged the next morning, and I usually don't even bother using both of the usb inputs.If you want more juice than the smaller battery packs have to offer, then you will be happy with this one.
  • Actually 30k!
    The Boss
    2020 - 04 - 04
    This thing is a BEAST. I've been looking for a moster to power my lennovo yoga 910 on long plane flights. This thing charges that huge laptop battery at least one time over. If I had to guess it's probably closer to 1.5 times. It will charge my cell phone quite a few times. Very high quality battery. Weigh is proportional to the power of it so stop complaining. :-)
  • So much power and convenient.
    2020 - 04 - 27
    The powerbank size is compact considering the high capacity. I used this powerbank to charge my Dell laptop and iPhone 7 plus. Worked great. The weight of the powerbank is 1.354 lbs to be precise or 1.4 lbs roundup.It comes with 2 usb cable to charge the powerbank. There are 3 USB port for charging the devices..It is so useful especially when you do travelling by air. At the airport which usually I have to wait few hours or more if the flight got delayed, my phone battery would not not last since I used constantly to watch videos. I had no luck to find an available electrical.outlet for charging since there were limited at the gate. Using powerbank, I do not need to worry anymore or hassle to find an electrical outlet.
    2020 - 06 - 22
    I purchasd this for an upcoming trip. I only recieved 1 cord for android (yup I have IOS). Emailed regarding missing cord no reply. I have never been ale to charge this unit above the 2 bar mark. I am very disappointed in this product.UPDATE; Shortly after posting this reviews i was contacted by the company who replaced the unit and cords. Wow is this thing amazing, the company even followed up with e-mail to make sure all was working well. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT & WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • This thing is a CHAMPION!
    2020 - 06 - 19
    it takes like 20 hours to charge, sometimes it glitches a bit and takes a few tries to get something plugged in. But man can you get a ton of charges out of this. For $40 this thing is crazy. It comes with 2 very short mini usb cords which is cool too. As a full time uber driver who wants to save money on gas I take this thing to work everyday to charge all my riders phones and it has yet to fail :) Would def buy another and avoid spending more money!
  • Best power bank ever !
    Ralph Sula
    2020 - 06 - 18
    Amazingly ,Extremely Great ! This power bank is a bank that can hold gold. Meaning it has a beast capacity! This power bank lasted me 4 days before i had to charge it again.Pros :1. 30,000 mAh power is big and for $36 ? It is very worth it !2. You can charge it with two USB cords. Two ! not one but two. Means you don't have to wait long for it to fully charge :)3. It has 3 charging slots. You can use it to charge your phone , your girlfriends phone and the friend that third wheels with you guys can charge their phone too lol. Everyone is happy :)4. When you plug your phone into it to charge, you don't need to press anything. It automatically charges. I put this as a pro because i am those guys that are always in a hurry and forget somethings. I've had portable chargers where they'll only charge your phone once you press the button. With this one you don't have to worry. So if you're always in a hurry and forgetful like me than i highly recommend this power bank !5. It comes right at your door the same day, so if i were you id grab one right now.6. Amazing customer service who will work with you until the problem is solved. 5 Star customer serviceCons : Its big. But that isnt a big problem :)
  • Definitely worth the purchase!
    Chris Pelikan
    2020 - 06 - 17
    Before deploying over seas for nine months, I found myself in need of an external battery for my phone which had a rapidly dying battery. I was skeptical at first but ever since I've been over here it's been an amazing buy!It's been dropped a few more times than I want to admit, it fits in my OCP's Cargo Pocket but better than that, it lasts days at a time with intermittent use of recharging a WiFi puck or my phone.There's a lot of other reviews out there for this, but I just wanted to throw in as my deployment comes to a close that this was 100% worth my purchase and I'm sure I'll even find uses for it when camping or elsewhere.
  • Very satisfied customer
    Brittany C.
    2020 - 06 - 16
    This is a durable, long lasting battery pack. It’s great that it can charge multiple batteries at once. Definitely the best battery pack for a great price. It’s perfect for vacations, emergencies, work and to use at home. One thing I want to mention is it’s pretty big and heavy so it’s not ideal to throw in a small pocketbook. So if you are buying it recharge your phone on the go it might not be the best and to consider buying a smaller one. I do use it a lot at work and put it in my work bag to charge my phone and it charges it in half the time. You do have to plug it in over night to get a full battery charge. The battery pack fully charged and just using my phone can last a whole week so that a positive thing to consider. Very happy and satisfied with this product. Hope this review is helpful.
  • amazing
    Neville Blake
    2020 - 05 - 15
    as described works amazingly well lasts forever!
  • Near infinity power for my gadges
    2020 - 05 - 14
    A little bit heavy, but it does not matter so much. It is placed in the bottom of my backpack, from which it almost infinitesimally powers my gadgets.
  • Great
    Tony Roust
    Tony Roust
    Tony Roust
    2020 - 05 - 13
    Excellent item excellent seller thank you
  • Great charger but very heavy
    2020 - 05 - 12
    Excellent at charging multiple times but very heavy for carrying around. It’s my own fault as I didn’t check the weight before buying
  • Powerful battery. Recommended
    2020 - 05 - 11
    Powerful battery. Capacity enough for ~ 10 phone charges. I ordered the latest model, however, received older - more powerful battery bank with 110Wh instead of 98Wh. This could be an issue in an airport - less than 100Wh batteries are allowed to be carried in aircraft without approval.
  • More then needed for a family weekend.
    2020 - 03 - 18
    Weekend camping with the family. I was a little disappointed when I seen my wife had bought this. Why would we need this when you can charge everything in the jeep. I'm not a fan of electronics on camping trips but that's where the future is taking us, and this is a good thing to have with you. The family and friends were able to keep phones and tablets charged the whole weekend and still had battery life left when we got home. It ended up storming the one night and three kids were able to use and charge at the same time two phones and a tablet as they were playing games and watching movies. Thanks to this battery pack and my wifes impulsive buying the kids were able to keep calm and occupied during a storm. I believe this will have lots of use with time and I think it will hold up as well.
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    Battery Type: Li-Polymer cell

    Capacity: 268000mAh/99.16Wh

    Input: Micro USB ,2x 5V/2.0A, Max 4.0A

    Output: 3x 5V/2.4A, Max 4.5A

    Dimension: 6.7x 4.5x 0.9 inches

    Net Weight: 23.4oz

    Manual & Drivers
    定制下载附件表 Manual

    1. Question: Does Pilot Pro 4 has an indicator to show much power is left in the unit?

    Answer: Yes, Pilot Pro 4 has four flashing lights, which all becomes solid lights when it is fully charged.

    2. Question: How to properly charge Pilot Pro 4?

    Answer: Just plug your phone in Pilot Pro 4 power bank and connect the USB cable to the latter.

    3. Question: Does Pilot Pro 4 comes with charger and cables ?

    Answer: Pilot Pro 4 comes with two Micro USB cables for charging or recharging itself.

    4. Question: Does Pilot Pro 4 works with Samsung Galaxy S8 plus?

    Answer: Yes, Pilot Pro 4 is able to offer charges for any USB-compatible devices, such as bluetooth speaker, kindle, game console,etc.

    5. Question: Do i have to press a button for devices to charge?

    Answer: No, it starts to charge as soon as your device is connected via cable.

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