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Up-to-date highly safe power bank has total protection from overload, over heat and over discharge.
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Poweradd Virgo 5V/3A USB Type C 1000mAh Portable Charger with Digital Display

High Capacity Power Bank

Poweradd Virgo 10000 mAh USB battery pack is built with a powerful 10000mAh battery inside. The battery is able to hold massive battery power. When the power bank is fully charged, it's able to offer 4 charges to iPhone 6, or a 2 and a half charges to a Samsung Galaxy s6, or at least one charge to a large-capacity device like iPad Mini. 

Reliable Power Bank with Intelligent Protection

Poweradd Virgo USB Type-C portable charger is constructed with high-tech grade A high-energy lithium polymer batteries which are by far more durable than ordinary ones. The advanced li-polymer battery cells and built-in micro chips can totally cure malfunctioning problems, such as overcharge, overdischarge, overheating and short circuit. Your worry-free use and the long life span of both your devices and the battery pack will be completely guaranteed due to reliable intelligent protection. 

Convenient USB Type C Power Bank

The user-friendly USB Type-C port allows you to charge your USB Type-C devices more easily. The power bank comes with a USB Type-C cable and a Micro USB cable for easy, convenient charging. 

Dual USB Output Portable Charger 

This 10000mAh power bank is able to charge 2 devices simultaneously thanks to the useful dual USB ports. The fastest charging current can reach 5V 3A for the maximum. 

Portable and Compact Size Power Bank

Despite high capacity and powerful juice, this power bank features a small, compact and portable design. It's small to carry around for everyday use and built with digital LED display for showing the battery level of the power bank accurately.


1x Poweradd Virgo Portable Charger           

2x USB-C to USB-C Cable

1x Micro USB Cable

1x User's Manual

1x Feedback Card

  • Great product.
    Sammie Patchen
    2020 - 04 - 30
    Well design!It charges my iphone 7 four times!
  • So glad to purchase it
    Linda Gay
    2020 - 04 - 09
    This was my second case that I have got, and it was cheaper than the first one which was another brand, I like this one better, holds my iPad Pro 12.9 so well and I felt like they were good couples, There was no delay in the typing at all, charge it once and lasted 4 days for me, oh so glad to purchase it.
  • Great charger, worth every dollar
    2020 - 05 - 08
    Poweradd has by far the best portable chargers I've ever used. I now own 2, the pilot 2gs, and now the virgo ii. They are reliable chargers with incredible build quality and great design. With the virgo ii you can charge the power bank with lightning or usb c, the usb c also works for output as well and they even include a usb c to c charger as well as a lighting charger. Overall a great product 5 stars
  • Excellent
    2018 - 10 - 12
    Perfect for my wildlife camera project, powering my Raspberry Pi and the night vision camera. I get about 10 - 12 hrs of footage from a full charge.
  • Great Product well made
    R Aitken
    2018 - 10 - 11
    This performs very well in every department I particularly like the digital display
  • Very please with this purchase
    Amazon Customer
    2018 - 09 - 16
    Good product does what it says, really like the percentage display, took on a week’s holiday & only had to charge it once whilst away, charged an iPhone & E-cig multiple times but lost count of how many! Fits nicely into a handbag & isn’t too heavy. Would highly recommend purchasing this product.
  • Great
    Amazon Customer
    2018 - 09 - 01
    Purchased for my nephew to charge his iPad after a nightmare evening out with zero battery. Does the job perfectly
  • Good buy
    Amazon Customer
    2018 - 08 - 28
    Used it twice, fast to charge and uses limited amount of battery so assume can charge multiple devices.
  • Stylish and affordable
    2018 - 08 - 22
    Impressive charger at an affordable price for a Type C powerbank. I get compliments where ever I go with the stylish design.
  • Taking it everywhere with me!
    Annie B.
    2018 - 07 - 18
    Really pleased I went with this charger. Have had it a month now, and it has become an essential for me when travelling. Can get two or three phone charges from it before it needs to be recharged. The unit itself takes a while to charge, but much more convenient than trying to find a charging point while out and about. With so many battery operated gadgets in our lives, this is a game changer.
  • Perfect battery bank for a reasonable price
    2020 - 05 - 29
    The perfect battery bank for a very reasonable price. The build quality is very nice, you can charge it using the lighting port which is very convenient cuz you only have to take one cable and USB type C too.The price is very good, totally recommend!
  • Buy it, save yourself looking for a charger and a wall plug.
    2020 - 05 - 28
    Pros: a lot of juice and gives me about 2 and a half charges for my note 9. Plus, it shows me the percentage left.Cons: none
  • Great power reserve very useful digital charge indicator
    2020 - 05 - 28
    Worked really well on holiday when travelling as emergency/occasional charger for phone, watch and earphones when no mains access. Portable enough to take on plane on long flight. The digital indicator showing remaining power is very useful. Not particularly lightweight, but compact size about same as iPhone 6. Takes a while to recharge. Overall highly recommended.
  • Excellent Portable Charger!
    Diamond Butterfly
    2020 - 05 - 27
    We have a few portable chargers and this one by far is the best one we've got. It's not heavy like most, it also shows you how much power is actually left in the bar, which is incredibly helpful! Very pleased with purchase. Arrived quickly and was well packaged.
  • Superb Product for times where you haven't had time to charge your device.
    2020 - 05 - 26
    Flexibility this product provides has transformed my life. I will no longer be caught without charge essential forbe available at all times.
  • Bought for a weekend away, didn’t disappoint.
    2020 - 05 - 25
    Bought for a weekend away. Great little gadget! I always seem to have trouble when on holiday making my phone battery last all day when taking so many pictures and videos. With his little gem, I had no issues. It lasted 2 full days before I needed to recharge it and it easily charged my phone fully 4 times from the battery being dead. The light up display that tells you how much charge is left is also a great feature. The only thing I will say is it’s quite heavy and I found carrying it in a bumbag awkward so we kept it in the rucksack.
  • Brilliant purchase
    mrs rosemary winters
    2020 - 05 - 15
    A bit on the large size and a bit heavy but the excellence of the efficiency actually outweighs this and it fits into my handbag alright . Charges up very quickly and it actually charged my phone up from almost completely empty 4 times before it needed charging itself again .
  • Worthwhile battery pack
    2020 - 05 - 14
    Absolutely brilliant for battery life. I can charge my phone, my husband's phone and my daughter's tablet all with one battery pack. I don't even need to charge the battery pack every day. It really is very convenient having the battery power notification function to tell you just how much charge is left lm your battery pack. Well worth the money.
  • Very useful
    2020 - 05 - 13
    I never thought I’d need one of those until I got stuck in in the airport after my flight was delayed for hours with two young children that had their iPads with them to keep them entertained but eventually did run out of battery. I ordered this a couple of months ago and keep it in my handbag and used it more often than I anticipated. It is not the lightest but can charge both iPads that we have at the same time, it’s also enough to charge my iPhone fully twice. Very useful, especially if travelling frequently
  • Four full charges of an iPhone
    Keith Bell
    2020 - 05 - 12
    Bought this as my wife is due to go into hospital to have a baby soon, and wasn’t sure if we’ll be able to charge phone as much as we’d need to.I charged it fully and it gave me two full charges of an iPhone, using only 50% of its battery charge.Best thing is.... charging unit then retains the rest of the battery and doesn’t run down. Had it for a few day’s and still on the 51% that I left it on. Should get four full charges from the battery unit.
  • Great charger
    2018 - 06 - 28
    So far it’s brilliant - only criticism is it take hours to fully charge up every time, it’s very slow. But other than that it charges my phone at a good pace and having the % to tell you when low is fantastic as my previous charger I had didn’t and used to run out when I needed it!
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    Capacity: 10000mAh/37Wh

    Battery Type: A+ Li-Polymer Battery

    Micro USB Input: 5V/2A

    USB-C Input: 5V/2A(3A Max)

    Micro USB Output: 5V/3.1A

    USB-C Output: 5V/3A

    Max Output: 5V/3.1A

    Manual & Drivers
    定制下载附件表 Manual

    1. Question: Does Poweradd Virgo works for a Samsung Galaxy S7?

    Answer: Yes, it is compatible with any devices that have a USB cable.


    2. Question: Does Poweradd Virgo supports quick charge for Nexus 6P and other USB Type-C  phones?

    Answer: It supports 5V/3A quick charge for your Nexus 6P and other USB-C phones. 

    3. Question: Do I need to buy another cable that charges from iPhone 6S to Poweradd Virgo? The input cable on 6S phone does not fit in either of the 2 smaller inputs in charger.

    Answer: Poweradd Virgo owns USB Type-C and Micro USB inputs, Any phone you want to charge from the device with a different input cable than the 2 that come with it, just use the cable you have for that phone.

    4. Question: Is the wall adapter that comes with my phone supports charging the Poweradd Virgo?

    Answer: Yes, Poweradd Virgo is compatible with USB or USB Type-C charging and adapter charging.

    5. Question: Does Poweradd Virgo work with 220V?

    Answer: Poweradd Virgo does not come with a wall plug adapter. It’s fine as long as your USB adapter is 220V-capable. 

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