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Poweradd EnergyCell 15000mAh

Huge 15000mAh Capacity: Add 3 charges to an iPhone 11, at least 2 full charge to a Samsung Note 10 and Huawei Mate 20 and other smartphones.

Dual Output: Simultaneously charge 2 devices with up to 5V/2. 4A output per port. Meets all charging needs.

Fast Charge: Auto detect your device and deliver fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4A, which allows you to charge your devices quickly to save your time.

Safest Protection: Premium LG battery cell and multiple protection system will automatically turn itself off when short circuit or overload occurs during charging.

Double the ports, double the power

Smart Identification output, intelligently identifies your devices and delivers the fastest charge speed up to 2.4A each port. There is no doubt that this new technology would protect your devices much better.

Multiple Protect Safety System

Featuring overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent and short circuit, overvoltage protection. Let your phone perfect working.

Let your phone perfect working

Have a good mobile power can bring a lot of convenience, the plane travel can see a movie, and e-Book Readers, supplement power at any time, when road trip you can instantly take a picture every one of the picture, at the party have enough power to enjoy music, every moment is wonderful, In outdoor hiking is essential, Connect with friends, family. A good portable charger, Let your phone perfect working.

Package Contents:

1 x Poweradd EnergyCell 15000 power bank

1 x Micro USB cable

1 x Store Pouch

1 x User guide

 Use Tips:

1. Due to safety purpose, the power bank you receive will not come with 100% capacity, please fully charge it before first use to get better performance.

2. Recharges the EnergyCell 15000 with a 2A output charger to maximize the charging speed(in 3 hours).

3. Use the included cable, your original cable or a third-party certified one.

  • Perfect and love the small details
    Justin Goh
    2020 - 05 - 11
    Love the small details in the box! This is a great gift for travelling! This is a good piece of kit! Perfect for travel! Quick super charge at 2.4Amps and i got to say! I love the packaging! Its so neat and it comes with a little pouch! Sad its not a super charger with usb-C yet... But one day!
  • great to use
    2020 - 03 - 26
    This is great! Just what I needed when my battery is low! It is portable and fits perfectly in your pocket, bag, etc. I totally recommend if you are a person that never has their phone on 100% and is always going places. This is a convenient go to solution to your device or devices that are never changed fully. And yes it has two slots so you can charge two devices at a time. This totally changed my weeks of my phone dying when I am on a call. Also if you easily replace it it is not to small so you may easily find it. Again this is great and I 100% recommend .
  • Best pick.
    Best pick.
    2021 - 04 - 08
    I compared this with another power bank from Poweradd EnergyCell 10000 and finally i got this without hesitation because this EnergyCell 15000 has double output ports which i think would fairly benefits me a lot in a pinch. It has a nice black finish and feels great in my hand. Very portable in size comparing with its peers that pack the same power capacity. Also charging speed is decent and really saves my time.
  • Just Works
    2020 - 06 - 19
    My phone is getting older and the battery life isn't what it used to be. With this, I can quickly recharge the battery while still doing other things on my phone. It just works.
  • Worth it 100%
    Hung Ngo
    2020 - 06 - 18
    For a 15000 mah ! This is a good price . The quality seems decent . But my favorite part has to the be the charging cables ! They’re cool
  • A good power bank.
    2020 - 06 - 17
    This small 15000mAh power bank did help a lot to charge my phone when I traveled abroad. It did take a while to fully charge itself, but it could charge my phone up to 4 times. And I often recharged it overnight at the hotel, so I didn't care about the recharging time.
  • awesome battery pack
    Nellie Munn
    2020 - 06 - 16
    It doesn’t have so many differences with other power banks but is indeed more budget-friendly. It has two output rated 5V/2.4A, which is quite fast charging for my iPhone 11 Pro. Durable plastic casing keeps the charger safe and lightweight.
  • Unbelievably worth the price.
    Debby Sherwood
    2020 - 05 - 29
    Last week, we went camping and my friends careless left their backpack in my uncle's car. All we had is my dying phone, and it came as a surprise to find that since it was small, I had had put this power bank in my pocket before I went out. This product kept my phones charged up. It really saved us from not being able to be in touch.
  • I like this product
    2020 - 05 - 28
    First, I seldom used power bank, since the one I had before is very slow. But I decided to grab one before I need to travel last month. I tried the Poweradd portable charger and I definitely made the right choice. I use it for my Iphone X and the charging speed is very fast. It is not so heavy, and I can take it with me when traveling. One feature I really like is that it comes with the indicating lights to show the battery level of the powerbank.
  • Definite Winner
    2020 - 05 - 27
    Excellent, and I’ve owned a few in my lifetime! This one is in the top 5!!Dual charging power without surges to one or the other item being charged! Very compact and lightweight, which equals easy portability! Will order another when this one quits, but it’s used DAILY as a part of my job function, and has been going strong for months!!
  • Great Buy
    2020 - 05 - 26
    I use it for travel also for work. I can throw everything in my bag to charge and still use my phone via Bluetooth. It's great while on the job site since there are no plugs near me. Good weight to it, feels solid and most importantly it is a fast charge. It holds alot of juice so don't even worry about it ever dieing during the day.
  • I got this after my old one finally retired.
    Ted M.
    2020 - 05 - 25
    I only use 15000 mAh power bank when on the road. The charger size is about my palm from all dimensions 4.3' L,2.9'W, 1' thickness, 9 oz weight. Just throw it into the carry on bag, I am ready to do the work. It works perfectly with my laptop,iPad, and iPhone. With two devices at the same time through its dual output, it shows stable and fast power charging and efficient capability. It gets fully charged in about an hour.
  • 5 star item
    2020 - 05 - 15
    This item is a good price. I really needed to this while I’m on the go, it’s an ideal item to use. It’s sleek and fits in my handbag. Very pleased with it.
  • Come with 3 in 1 cable.
    2020 - 05 - 14
    I always had the phones fully charged thanks to this charger while on vacation in Italy. Since I was out for most of the day, not having this portable charger would have made it difficult to keep any of our phones charged because of all the video and picture taking we did with our cell well using the GPS to take us to each location. Come with 3 in 1 cable so that can charge my iPhone and Bluetooth. Also can use this cable to recharge itself. No need to carry lots cable.
  • Nice compact size and great for travelling
    Burhan Ali
    2020 - 05 - 13
    I love the fact this power bank comes with a soft pouch, I have a couple chargers at home which have all scratched when I place it in the same place as my keys but this pouch will prevent it. The size is perfect to go into the small pocket of my bumbag which is good for traveling and so from now on I'll be carrying this instead. What's also great is that it doesn't heat up like my others do while still charging at a decent speed so I'd recommend it!
  • Take it with me wherever I go.
    Liam Pritchard
    2020 - 05 - 12
    I bought this to take with me to Italy, so that I could keep my iPhone charged while walking the strip. I was able to take photos and videos every where I went. This was small enough to fit in my shoulder bag. It provided my phone with a full battery charge, and still had juice left to keep my iPhone charged. At night I'd plug it in for a recharge, and would stick in my purse when I took off. I'm glad I made the purchase...otherwise I'd not have been able to use my iPhone for that many hours.
  • Worth buying.
    Scott Erickson
    2020 - 05 - 07
    Oh..i deeply love this gear. It arrived so fast and was well packaged. I was excited when the power bank being taken right out of box cause it looked so awesome and handy. It packs a size of 1.18*3.6*5 inches and a weight of 9.14 ounces which is really an impressively compact size with such capacity of 15,000mAh. I got my new bought iPhone 11 charged to have a trial on the performance of this charger. Amazingly it has quite a speedy charge and totally has 3 or 4 charges for phone before needing a recharge. Another strong point of this power bank is that it has dual ports to power up 2 devices at the same time. I am willing to speak highly of this new gadget in front of my friends since it has such nice performance!
  • Excellent power in a compact design
    2020 - 05 - 06
    This little power bank is great for travel and on the go without being too bulky. At 15,000 mAh it packs a ton of capacity into a small but heavy package. It allows charging of two devices at once, and is more discreet than competitors with its size. The battery display is the four rings on the front, each one representing 25% battery life, so it’s sufficient but not ideal. I still love this one though, I’m actually using it while I write this review in the car!For reference, this powerbank will fully recharge my iPhone 11 nearly 5 times (4.8 total).
  • Fast Charging Power Bank
    Deloris P.
    2020 - 05 - 03
    Poweradd 15000 is a fast charging power bank. I recently took it with me overseas and it lasted my whole flight of almost 22 hours one way of regular charging and only used a little more that 50% of the battery. The rest of the time it used maybe 25% per day.It wouldn't take long at all to charge my phone either. Approximately 15 minutes for a 50% charge on my phone to reach 100%.The size is great and the bag is so useful and handy. So happy I had my power bank with me. Typically, I take 2 for longer trips and this time I only needed the 1. Definitely a space saver.
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    Battery Type: Li-ion battery

    Capacity: 15000mAh/55.5Wh

    Input: 5V / 2A

    Output 1: 5V / 2.4A

    Output 2: 5V / 2.4A

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